Terms & Conditions


  • Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance reserves the right to make changes to the timetable, classes and to the teaching staff. This will always be done with careful consideration and to ensure minimal disruption to continuity.


  • Invoices will be issued for the full term, pro-rata in the event of a student joining part way through a term. Fees may be paid half-termly or termly and must be paid within ten days, unless otherwise agreed. Isaac-Clarke Academy is committed to ensuring finances do not hinder the opportunity to dance and will always endeavour to support families in need with flexible payment options, discounts, and financial assistance.
  • A tiered fee discount will be given to a student who has a sibling currently registered and on the fees of a second class, or dance discipline.
  • Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance terms generally run parallel to the academic terms. There-fore the length of each will vary and invoices will be adjusted accordingly. Fees are non-refundable and no reimbursements or reductions for absence from classes will be made. However, in the event of a student having a long-term illness or injury, and at the discretion of Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance, fees will be held over to the following term or allocated to a family member who attends class. Students may make up missed classes where possible and these must be arranged in advance. In the event of a class being cancelled, for example due to illness of the teacher, students may make up the class or a full refund will be given. No refund will be given if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • In the event of onsite classes being cancelled, as during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will immediately revert to an online delivery of classes and no refund would be given to students who did not wish to continue using this platform.
  • Invoices must be settled within 10 days of receipt. A 10% administration fee will be added to all accounts when it is necessary for the Academy to send a reminder regarding the payment of fees.
  • We offer a two-week trial period whereby students can pay weekly. After this trial period a registration fee of £10.00 (which covers individual insurance for each student) will be invoiced and the remainder of the fees paid.
  • Fees will be reviewed at the start of each term. In our endeavour to support our dance family as much as possible, any increase in fees will be marginal, and in line with inflation.

Child Protection Policy

  • Students’ well-being and safety is paramount, and we take this very seriously.
  • All teachers have enhanced CRB checks, do annual safeguarding training, are insured and first aid trained.
  • Students must be seen into and collected from inside the venue for their own safety.
  • Senior students may arrive and depart independently only when parental permission has been given.
  • Please advise the Director if any special pick-up arrangements or circumstances arise.
  • Our Child Protection Policy is available on our website and upon request.

Royal Academy of Dance Assessments

  • Examinations, Class Awards and Solo Performance Awards take place at various times throughout the year and assessment sessions will be planned when appropriate. Students may be given the opportunity to participate in these and will be entered at the discretion of their Dance Teacher. Examinations, Class Awards and Solo Performance Awards although encouraged, are not compulsory.

Academy Uniform

  • Whilst the various tutus we occasionally see are rather lovely, regulation uniform must be worn from Daisy Dance upward. A full uniform list can be found on our website and is also available upon request. Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled.
  • Hair must be secured back neat and tidy – ideally in a ballet bun.

Dressing Room Code of Conduct

  • Please keep the dressing rooms neat and tidy and ensure they are clean at the end of each class.
  • Any food consumed / crumbs left behind must be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • Please endeavour to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Please be respectful and considerate when using the Dressing Room.
  • Please ensure dancers, especially younger children, have been to the toilet prior to the start of the lesson to minimise the need to use the toilet during class. In the event a child does need the toilet, it is expected that they are able to do so independently. Every effort will be made to support them in a professional and discreet manner, should it be necessary to do so.

Rules and Regulations

Etiquette and Behaviour

  • It is not advisable to attend two separate dance schools for the same discipline, as levels of advancement and approaches to training can differ. However, Shelley Isaac- Clarke knows some excellent local teachers and is open to discussion with parents and to supporting what is best for each individual dancer. Involvement with associate programmes / national youth dance companies / workshops etc, is advantageous to training and very much encouraged where suitable.
  • Dance is a disciplined art form and therefore appropriate behaviour before, during and after class is always expected.
  • Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance does not tolerate bullying or anti-social behaviour of any kind. Our Anti-Bullying Policy is on our website and available upon request.
  • Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance reserves the right to refuse or withdraw a student’s place at our discretion.


  • Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance has every student’s best interest at heart. If you have any concerns, please do speak with the Director, and be assured that all issues will be dealt with confidentially and swiftly.

Discontinuing Classes

  • Half a term’s notice is required when a student intends to discontinue their lessons and it would be very much appreciated if you would let us know when doing so.
  • You are welcome to return in the future at the Dance Director’s discretion.

Open Days

  • Parents are invited and encouraged to view their child’s progress at open classes on the final lesson of every term. However, we kindly request that parents do not attend class during term time. Whilst we are fully aware that it is a joy to watch your own children learn to dance, children progress quicker, become more independent and are less distracted when other adults are not in the lessons. The open classes are a special opportunity to come and see what your child has learnt.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy your time at Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance.

Updated 1st September 2023.